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Kwangcheon Indonesia

Brand Identity

This is a brand that represents food
Domestic 'Seaweed'.

'Even if you make tens of millions of pieces, customers evaluate it with just one Seaweed'

The three most basic things for seaweed (best raw materials, best production environment, best customer satisfaction). Based on these three things and 50 years of knowledge, it contains the philosophy of Kwangcheon Kim Co., Ltd. It contains the philosophy of Gwangcheon Kim, who was ranked number one in Korea and was able to advance to more than 60 countries around the world.

Kwangcheon Kim

Kwangcheon kim products

Line Friends Parae Seasoned Seaweed

LINE FRIENDS parae seasoned seaweed

Line Friends small size seasoned seaweed

LINE FRIENDS small size seasoned seaweed

Line Friends Jaerae seasoned seaweed

LINE FRIENDS Jaerae seasoned seaweed

Line Friends seasoned seaweed jaban flakes

LINE FRIENDS seasoned seaweed jaban flakes

LINE FRIENDS seasoned seaweed gimbap

Pinkfong Kids seasoned seaweed 15g

Pinkfong Kids seasoned seaweed 36g

Pinkfong Kids seasoned seaweed 20g

Pinkfong Kids seasoned seaweed jaban flakes

cocoafriends Jaerae seasoned seaweed

cocoafriends seasoned seaweed jaban flakes

cocoafriends seasoned seaweed gimbap

cocoafriends parae seasoned seaweed

cocoafriends jaerae seasoned seaweed

cocoafriends small size seasoned seaweed

BulDakMat Seasoned seaweed(Spicy) 5g

Masterkim Jaerae Dining Table Gift Set No. 8

Masterkim Parae Dining Table No. 10

Masterkim Jaerae dosirak 5g 3ea

Kwangcheonkim_Gopchang seasoned seaweed

Masterkim Parea Jeonjang 20g

Pollack Eggs Seaweed 4g 12ea

Masterkim Jaerae Jeonjang 20g

Sea Vegetable Jaerae 5g

Crunch kwangcheon parea jeonjang seasoned seaweed

Crunch kwangcheon jeonjang seasoned seaweed

Sommonan Kwangcheon Parae Jeonjang 25g

Sommoonan Jaban Flakes 70g

Sommoonan Kwangcheon seaweed Jeonjang

Organic seasoned seaweed Jeonjang

Olive green tea dosirak 5g 3ea

Olive Green tea Jeonjang 25g

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