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Kwangcheon Korea


Kwangcheon Korea

Kwangcheon Kim Co., Ltd.

This is a brand of Gwangcheon Seaweed with a tradition of Seaweed history of 50 years.

This is a hidden company for about 50 years with the singular principles of 'my family eats, not consumers' and 'customers are family'.

Dear family, We always do our best for
provide hygienic and fresh quality products to the table, and we promise to produce the safest and best fresh seaweed products through strict quality control such as HACCP and ISO22000.

Produksi Rumput Laut Kwangcheon Kim

Kwangcheon Seaweed

Gwangcheon seaweed by category Brand Representative brand seaweed, brand
dry fish specialty, seaweed dessert specialty brand, brand
general food, etc. to introduce various products for
meet the diverse needs of customers in a rapidly changing era, become a leading global company
not only domestic market but also
overseas market. 

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